Need a place to vent your feelings, to get it out from inside of you.
This is the place, this is your place.
Dear Alice.

About Dear Alice

Just like Bella from twilight, some times we need to just talk to someone even though we know they will never read it.

Please click on Dear Alice...  to get your feelings out.

This site was made as a way for people to vent their feelings on a day to day basis.  We only ask that you be sensitive to the audience by not over using profane language or bringing other people, that post on this site, down.

It is completly Anonymous, you do not have to add your name if you dont want to, you can write anything in the name box. Dont worry about the email box it is just to show your not a computer trying to spam the site. You can even put in a fake one.

Under the Link page you will find links to websites that can help you if you find you are not coping with your feelings or need to talk to someone real.

You are not alone.